The ideal replacement for existing Patio or French doors

Bi-fold Doors

A slim, versatile alternative to conventional doors, bi-fold doors are proving increasingly popular with homeowners, presenting a range of revolutionary opening options. With demand rocketing in recent years, offering aluminium bi-folds as part of your range is a sure fire way to boost your business and sales.

Caddy Windows specialises in supplying high quality aluminium BSF70 and BSF70 HD bi-fold doors from the AluK range, for both residential and commercial uses. All our bi-fold doors are available in a broad range of colours and finishes, as well as inward or outward opening options, a variety of glazing sizes and a low threshold option.

Design Specifications

Aluminium is the perfect material from which to build a bi-fold door. Durable, weather-resistant and energy efficient, bi-folds made from aluminium are incredibly versatile and long lasting.

  • Slim aluminium frames allow for larger glass panes, maximising light
  • Smooth rolling
  • Alignment pin for more accurate, and easier, installations
  • Lightweight material makes for an easier installation
  • Tested to glass loads of 130kg: capable of holding glazing up to 40mm.
  • Extremely strong, durable and long lasting
  • Incredibly low maintenance: aluminium will not warp, rust or need painting
  • Great, low U values make for excellent energy efficiency.