5 reasons to replace your windows


A few reasons why you should get your windows replaced to help improve your home as well and help you save money.

Energy Efficient

Double glazed windows work just as well to keep the heat out as the cold. Today’s energy efficient windows feature argon gas filled panes which reduce the heat transfer through the glass. The windows coating also filter out the sun rays helping to protect carpet, draperies and upholstery from fading.

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Replace Windows

Increase the price of your home

Adding in new windows can not only make your home look nicer but also increase its value. Making your home look nicer is a great way to increase its value and installing new windows is an excellent way to do this. Whats more the additional security the new windows provide will also help to increase your property’s value.

Increased Security

Security has become a majot factor in properties up and down the UK. Our windows come as standard with Multi-Point locking mechanisms offering one of the most secure window options on the market.

Our extensive range of glass also offers the same security features meaning your home is kept safe and secure all year round.

Replace Windows

Noise reduction

On some roads and especially at night it can be very loud outside and double glazing can reduce the volume of annoying sounds. The way that this works is that between two panes of glass is a pocket of Argon gas which has different properties to standard atmospheric air. And because the two panes are not in direct contact the sound waves are dampened which results in a quieter interior.

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Zero maintenance

New windows require no maintenance at all, meaning the need to paint and repair your old windows both internally and externally will be a thing of the past. certain models even offer self cleaning glass so you wont even need to worry about cleaning it yourself or hiring window cleaners, saving you both money and time.