What if I have a problem with my windows?

Give us a call on 0117 966 9998 and we will arrange for one of our service engineers to come out and fix the problem.

How are you able to offer a 10 year guarantee?

As we’ve been trading for over 30 years, we are fully confident with our installation team and excellent products.

What if I sell my home?

We will continue to guarantee all products for 10 years from the date of the installation and unlike other companies, we will not require a transfer fee.

What if for any reason you cease trading during my guarantee?

We have every expectation of being here for many more years to come, but should for any reason we cease to trade, your guarantee is insurance backed through the GGFI.

10 Year Guarantee

We also provide an impressive 10 year guarantee on all white uPVC frames and Sealed Units. This guarantees against discolouration of the uPVC profile and condensation between the panes of the sealed units. Click here for our full guarantees.


What does the Insurance Back Guarantee Cover?

Not only does it mirror our guarantee should we fail to honour any claims, it also insures all deposits up to the value of £6,250.

What other insurances do you have?

In the unlikely event of damage to your property or injury caused by Caddy Windows, we hold insurance to protect you for £5,000,000 public liability and £5,000,000 product liability.

What is your GGFI membership number?

We are members of GGFi’s insurance back guarantee scheme and our membership number is 27100.

What if my windows develop a problem after 10 years?

We can still repair any problems with our windows when they fall outside of the guarantee period.