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Secondary Glazing

Our Secondary Glazing provided an additional pane of glass to your existing windows which consists of an aluminium outer frame joined to a hardwod sub-frame surround. Caddy Windows secondary glazing is predominantly used in properties where planning and building restrictions apply so the installation of our secondary glazing provides a solutions for heat loss without compromising the aesthetics of your existing windows and frames.

Our Secondary Glazing installation team operate throughout Clifton, Bristol and Bath
Horizontal Secondary Glazing
Our easy slide horizontal secondary glazing products are available in two, three or four panelled options. Each is provided with twin brush seals to provide excellent efficiency and significantly reduce draughts. By installing this product, you benefit from greater security to the primary windows enhanced with the use of the latest locks and handles
Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing
The vertical slide secondary glazing include pre-tensioned spiral spring balances which control the motion of the sash for easy operation and has been developed to withstand decades of wear and tear. The Tilt in versions can be pivoted through almost 180 degrees which is especially useful for cleaning to meet fire escape requirements.
Hinged Secondary Glazing
The hinged secondary glazing unit can be manufactured in two main types of either friction stays or butt hinges. The single hinged unit opens on a restricting friction stay. Where the application is on a larger scale, the friction stay is replaced with a butt hinge. We have developed and rigorously tested a variety of butt hinges for differing leaf weights. The double hinged unit has been primarily designed to fit in front of larger Windows or French Doors, utilising the same range of hinges.
Lift Out Secondary Glazing
As well as economical, the Lift Out is also the most basic form of secondary glazing. As its name implies, it simply lifts out of a secured channel. For practical purposes, it is advised that the sash size be considered since the weight of glass must be of manageable proportions. Each sash is manufactured with double brush pile seal, further increasing the thermal and sound insulation properties.
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